I have always been interested in flying. The problem was never interest, it was always budget. In 1992 I went with a friend to an air exhibit at the Glendale, AZ airport. We saw a young fellow selling a very strange looking flying machine.
We bought one, learned to fly it and I have been involved on and off with trikes ever since. I eventually volunteered with Sabre Aircraft and helped with marketing and even in the shop. Over the next 20 years I owned just about every version Rick Helm sold. 340, 503 and the MZ 202.
When he suspended production in 2004, I decided to make my own trike. Shown on this page are the two trikes I built. The first one had the tan seat and the second, which I called "The Bandit" is the other one. I called it "The Bandit" because it took my time and my money.

The prop is actually stopped. I am landing with no engine. Cool.

This was my second trike. I wanted to play with aluminum so I made the aluminum wheel pants and the instrument enclosure. Notice that I cut those little fins off the pants. They were really sharp!

The engine is the 340 Kawasaki twin two stroke. Makes about 28-30hp.