Lorimer House

Thomas W. Lorimer

The Lorimer House is located about two blocks off of 89A in West Sedona.
It is about 1150 sf. with three bedrooms and two baths.
It is cozy, comfortable and secluded yet walking distance to many restaurants, stores and other interesting locations.
As you can see, there are pine trees and lots of pine cones!

The entry way has a pine lap wall displaying several of Tom's works.

The living room has several of Tom's pieces of furnature and includes one of his saddles.
He owned a horse for many years and not only painted the old west, he actually lived it.

The kitchen is small, functional and fun.With a breakfast bar and stools, it offers a very warm place to enjoy your coffee and start the day. We remodeled the kitchen with all new appliances yet kept the vintage cabinets.

The bedrooms have also been updated but we kept Tom's brass bed that he used. This was his bedroom. And yes, the mattress is new.
The master bedroom is where his studio originally was. It has been completely updated as has the master bath and shower. (photos to come)












Thomas W. Lorimer