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Book Publishing for Family Histories and Personal Ministry

Once you have your information collected, both photogaphy and written, I will that that and put together your manuscript.

I will also look at your photos and make suggestions of how I think it would work.

Once we get the manuscript completed, I scan the photos and create the formatted book. This will show you the chapters, where the photos will be, page numbers and all the other little details required to be a book.

We will also talk about the cover. Once we have worked through this process, I will send the completed document to the POD printer and order one or maybe two books that we will go through and make any corrections necessary.

Remember, you don't need to worry about grammar, spelling or structure. That is what the editor does.

Once we have it the way we want it, we order the number of books you need to give one to every person you think might like to know your story.