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Book Publishing for Family Histories and Personal Ministry

So, you are ready to write your book but where to start?

The easiest way is to do two things. First, gather any old photos you might have and put them in a folder.

Second, gather your thoughts. I would do this one of three ways. You can use your computer and use a word program, or get a three ring note book or simply record your thoughts on an audio tape recorder.

If you have a computer, create a document with several sections. You can structure it any way you want depending on the scope of the story.

If it is your life, you could have Early years, School Years, Military, Marriage, Kids, etc. you get the idea.

Then take each section and start putting notes together for that section. They can be just memory joggers if you want.

If you have a bunch of old photos, get a pad of sticky notes and make notes about each photo. Who, what, where, why. If you want to also divide them into sections or groups to match your sections used in your document that works too.

Once you have this done, go through each section and just write down your thoughts. They don't have to be well thought out or even in complete sentences. Just get something on paper.

When you get this done, we can get together and start the editing process.