I got interested in flying when I was a very small child. In 1992 I went to a local air show and met Rick Helm, the owner of Sabre Aircraft. He built a small ultralight flex wing trike. Myself and a friend bought one. It cost $4995.00. Complete.
That started a 30 year friendship during which I eventually purchased at least one of every model he built.
When he shut down Sabre in 2004 because of the new Sport Pilot rule, I decided to design and build my own. I built one, flew it and eventually sold it.
I then built another one. I called this second one the "Bandit" because it took all my time and my money.
I shared a hangar at the Ak Chin Airport South of Phoenix, AZ. We had 8 or 9 trikes in this big metal building. We had to either taxi about half a mile down a dirt road to get to the runway or use one of about four dirt roads right in front of the hangar.
This trike had a 340 Kawasaki two stroke engine. I made the aluminum wheel pants and the aluminum instrument pod as I have always loved polished aluminum. The big airplanes do that so why can't I? The wing was purchased from Northwing as I might be dumb but I am not stupid. The part that flies is the wing. The trike part is just along for the ride.
I would often just use the roads in front of the building. They were narrow and short. Made for interesting landings.
Same trike flying with a different wing and before I cut those stupid little wings off the wheel pants. They were aluminum and the cut through the air great. They also cut through your ankle if you tripped over them!